Nikki: Big Brother’s Ziggy ‘so transparent’

Former Big Brother contestant Nikki Grahame has lashed out at this year’s housemate Ziggy – saying he’s “got the whole nation fooled”.

It seems Nikki, who went to college with the model, thinks Ziggy is using housemate Chanelle to become a celebrity.

The blonde, who dated last year’s winner Pete, told OK! magazine: “The only person he wants to settle down with is an A-list Hollywood actress – he is so transparent.

“He’s got the whole nation fooled and he’s winding me up so much because he’s not like that at all.”

She added: “He’s playing some game in there – he wouldn’t p*** on Chanelle if she was on fire outside the house.”

Nikki claims the relationship is all part of Ziggy’s game plan.

“He’s gone in there and picked the fittest girl because he knows how well the couples thing works,” she added.

“He’s pretending to be insecure but he’s the most arrogant man I know.”

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