Noirin’s ex enters the Big Brother house

Isaac Stout – Noiron’s ex-boyfriend – entered the Big Brother house on Wednesday night in a bid to win her back, according to The Sun.

The 23-year-old bar owner from Ohio, walked into the house in a helmet and revealed his identity after he delivered fish and chips to the housemates.

A stunned Noirin then shared a passionate hug with her ex before having a heart to heart.

When he said he wanted some answers about her romances in the house, she denied having any recollection of the first kiss she had with Siavash, which she put down to a ‘drunken kiss’.

Following Isaac’s arrival, Siavash threatened to walk out of the Big Brother house.

He said: “If I walk out now, I won’t have to suffer.”

Other housemates, including Freddie and Bea have tried to convince Siavash to stay, with even Marcus offering him words of support.

In a bid to cheer Siavash up Freddie said: “Stick around. This is going to be fun!”

Bea said he’d look a t** if he left the house now.