Oz Big Brother: Emma finally told of dad’s death

Australian Big Brother housemate Emma Cornell has finally found out her father died while she was inside the house.

The decision to keep her in the dark about her father Ray’s death from cancer caused controversy around the world, but her family said it was in accord with his last wishes.

Emma, 24, was told about his death on Saturday night, reports the New Zealand Herald, ahead of her eviction from the reality show on Sunday night.

Emma only briefly spoke about her father’s death in the post eviction interview as highlight reels of her time in the house were shown. She said she wanted to grieve with her family, who she met immediately after the eviction.

“I want to leave it alone tonight as was my father’s wish,” she told the show’s host Gretel Killeen.

Big Brother producers said: “Because housemate Emma had been nominated and faced possible eviction tonight, last night, with the full support of her family, Emma was told in private that her estranged father had passed away.

“Her brother Matt conveyed this news to Emma in the company of Big Brother’s resident psychologist.”

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