Police express fresh concerns over Big Bro’s Dan

Police have expressed fresh concerns over Big Brother’s ex-copper housemate Dan Neal – saying his appearance on the show following his involvement in Operation Yewtree could hinder child abuse prosecutions.

According to the Mirror, the authorities have warned that his stay in the house could be used as a weapon by defence lawyers seeking to question the integrity of the Operation Yewtree investigations.

The paper also reports that police have been forced to contact victims and witnesses of alleged sex attackers to reassure them their testimonies will remain confidential and will not be mentioned on the show.

A five-minute time delay on the live coverage has also been put in place by Channel 5 to prevent anything from being said on air – although those involved in the case have still expressed fears that it could threaten future prosecutions.

Elsewhere it has been reported that officers are being paid overtime to keep an eye on Big Brother to ensure that Dan – who is no longer a member of the force – does not say anything untoward.

“Operation Yewtree is a massive investigation for the Met and they now have real issues around protecting the integrity of the operation because Neal has gone into the house,” a source said.

“Officers have contacted defence lawyers in a bid to ­reassure them but any brief worth their salt is bound to use it in court.”

Scotland Yard previously contacted Channel 5 to warn them of their concerns over the 33-year-old’s appearance on the show.

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