Russell Brand has bragged he has seduced Dita Von Teese.

The British TV presenter claims to have met the burlesque star – ex-wife of goth rocker Marilyn Manson – at a pre-Oscars party at Los Angeles’ Chateau Marmont hotel and revealed she gave him her number.

Russell told The Sun newspaper: “I saw Dita von Teese at the Chateau Marmont Hotel. At the risk of looking incontinent, I walked past her several times to the toilet to get her attention.

“Eventually she saw me and we started chatting. I was saying some brilliantly funny things, slowly tempting her into my web.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘You like Marilyn Manson? You like weirdos? I’ll give you weirdos. Androgynous freaks is it?’ It was going well and she goes, ‘Would you like my number? Call me any time you are bored’.

“I said, ‘I wouldn’t have to be bored to ring you, darling’.

“Later I texted her, ‘Oddly, now I feel perpetually bored. Everything seems pale having met you’.

“She replied, ‘You have a way with words’. So it’s all going well.”

The 32-year-old former sex and drug addict is in Hollywood to discuss a movie adaptation of his autobiography My Booky Wook. Michael Winterbottom is to direct and Russell will play himself.