Russell Brand reveals… too much information

Russell Brand has revealed the real reason why he declined to bare all in his new hit film.

The comedian, who is currently playing British rocker Aldous Snow in Judd Apatow’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was reportedly too intimidated by his co-star Kristen Bell.

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“The thought of baring my genitalia to her is rather daunting,” he admitted to New! magazine.

“Whilst I love my genitals and am confident with them when they’re in action, I’d feel quite shy about full-frontal nudity.”

“I did relentlessly try to sleep with Kristen Bell,” the legendary lothario added.

“The kind of beauty Kristen has lends itself more to adulation. I want to go, ‘She’s my baby,’ and kiss her and look after her.”

But fans of the quick-witted comic needn’t despair that he has been snapped up by the actress.

He said: “I am a single person. My lifestyle is not in keeping with monogamy, alas, because there are so many beautiful people.

“I think you can find beauty in everybody. Someone might have an unusual eyebrow or an incredible ankle and I’ll fixate on that. There are no specific things. I just fall in love with women generally.”

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is on release now.

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