Samanda feel ‘lucky’ about Barbie Girl

Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda have spoken out about the release of their new single, admitting they feel thoroughly lucky to be getting a crack at the charts.

The twins have recorded a cover of the Aqua hit Barbie Girl, and are set to release it on October 8.

“When people suggested it, we were like ‘are you for real?'” Sam said.

“But they said they saw us singing it on Big Brother, and we just thought we are so lucky to have a chance to do this.”

The girls admitted they might not make a long-term career out of music, and still plan to return to university next year.

“It all depends on what happens with this single. At the moment we’re just signed for one single, and we are going to see how that goes,” Amanda said.

But Sam added: “I’d love to do an album though, it would be dead fun.”

The twins, who came second in the Channel 4 show, said the video for Barbie Girl showed them having fun and being girly.

“It was so good, so pink, it was the best ever, ever, ever.” Amanda shrieked. “I’ve never seen so much pink in my life.”

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