‘Standing ovation’ as Jade Goody marries

Jade Goody has married her fiance Jack Tweed in what her publicist Max Clifford described as an “emotional, wonderful ceremony”.

Guests gave the couple a standing ovation as they tied the knot at Down Hall in Essex, while white doves were also released to mark their everlasting love.

Jade’s two young sons, Bobby and Freddie, sat on the couple’s laps as they signed their wedding certificate.

“It was lovely,” Clifford said. “The chapel was absolutely beautiful and I imagine there must be close to 200 people there.

When they came out having signed the register they got a standing ovation from everybody there.

It was just a very heart-rending, happy ceremony with lots of tears and lots of smiles and lots of laughter.”

Clifford told reporters at the venue that Jade had shed tears at “the lovely things that were being said” ahead of the wedding.

He added that she was 45 minutes late for the wedding, and reportedly able to stand for most of the ceremony but asked to sit down five minutes towards the end – and that she would take the rest of the day’s events at her own pace.

“It was just a very beautiful, very moving service,” he told reporters. “The couple are obviously very much in love, which the bishop commented on. They were very very happy to be there and get married.

“I think it’s a huge relief that she was able to handle it the way she did,” Clifford added, “because obviously it’s been a worry for her.”

He also said that the newlyweds were thrilled to be able to spend what could be “their only night together” after Jack Straw relaxed Tweed’s bail conditions to allow him to do so.

“This is their one night together. It might be their only night together. They’ll be spending the night together here, compliments of Jack Straw. We’re very grateful to him for that.”

The former Big Brother star – who has terminal cancer – was said to be “unwell” last night after the final preparations for the day, but had been coping well after medical attention and a good night’s rest.

Cliffors told reporters earlier that she was “like a little one that’s just woken up on Christmas Day”.

Police, media and well-wishers all gathered at the entrance to Down Hall in Essex where the couple were married, while a spotter plane flew overhead trailing a banner bearing their names.

Among the guests seen arriving at the wedding were Crimewatch presenter Nick Ross, TV stars Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan and former Blue singer Antony Costa.

Chart-toppers Sugababes were set to perform at the evening reception, as well as a group of singing waiters known as Incognito.

The wedding was organised in just under a week after Jack proposed to Jade at her hospital bedside, after learning that her cervical cancer had become terminal.

The 27-year-old married in a £3,500 wedding gown donated by Harrods’ boss Mohamed Al-Fayed – and refused to wear a veil, so that guests could see how chemotherapy treatment has left her bald.