The knives are out for Freddie in Big Brother

The knives were out in the Big Brother house as thoughts turned towards Friday’s eviction.

Lisa, Dogface (Sophie) and Noirin decided that Halfwit, whose real name is Freddie, would face the axe on Friday rather than Cairon.

Talking in the kitchen, Lisa said: “I think he probably irritates people just as much as he irritates people on the inside.”

Dogface added: “He’s really eccentric when he talks and stuff. I don’t understand what he says.”

Wannabe politician Halfwit got nominated by nine of the other housemates for eviction and this will be the second time he has faced the public vote.

However, he does have one fan in Big Brother. Karly declared: “No offence to anybody, but he’s so intelligent. When he speaks about stuff I could sit and listen to him all day.”

Later, Lisa, 41, from Birmingham, appeared to have already thrown in the towel. She told student Rodrigo: “I don’t care when I go. I’ve done it. I’d just like to be out and about now.”

But 25-year-old Sree was in much higher spirits, being teased by Angel for watching ‘girls with boobs’ on a laptop as they tried to learn a dance routine.

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