Ulrika Jonsson was left teary-eyed when her husband sent an aeroplane over the Big Brother house, trailing a banner with the message ‘We love you Ulrika’.

The Ultimate Big Brother housemates were all enjoying the sunshine in the garden when they spotted the banner and singer-songwriter Preston said: “Ulrika, look there’s a message for you.”

The message said, ‘Vi alskar dig Ulrika BCMM’, which means ‘We love you Ulrika’ in Swedish. BCMM are the initials of her children – Bo, Cameron, Martha and Malcolm – which she has tattooed on her wrist.

Ulrika was overcome with emotion, but was pleased to see the message and waved at the plane as Big Brother announced that the housemates must go inside the house, as the rules of the show are they must not have contact with the outside world.

As she wiped away tears, the Celebrity Big Brother 2009 winner said: “He’s just the best husband in the world.”

Ulrika married US advertising executive Brian Monet, her third husband, in March 2008.

As she explained to the other housemates what the message meant, she said: “Brian hadn’t even put himself on there, he’s so selfless. He’s so amazing. He’s so thoughtful at things like that. I’m totally shocked because it was unexpected, so it was even better.”

The TV presenter, who admitted she had been feeling anxious over the past few days in the house, added: “I have to stay now, I can’t walk out.”

As the other housemates asked how he had done it, she joked: “He’s probably spending my fee!”