Ultimate Big Brother: John McCririck is out!

Big Brother house after narrowly losing out to Coolio in the public vote.

The racing pundit – who specifically asked the public to evict him first when he entered the house on Tuesday – got the boot following the closest ever vote in Big Brother history.

He received 50.6 per cent of the votes compared to Coolio’s 49.4 per cent.

And he appeared to be delighted by the news. “Thank you Britain, I love you all,” he said.

And in reference to Josie, who left the house on Thursday, he added, “Remember Bristols, I’m coming to get you!”

The 70-year-old received a largely negative response from the crowd as he exited the house to Rihanna‘s Rude Boy – but he revealed in his eviction interview how pleased he was to be out.

“In life you rarely fulfil a plan that you made,” he said.

“And throughout that plan has worked all the way through. Antagonising the housemates, backing myself to be the first evictee, and I knew you lot would kick me out.

“The fact is,” he added, “I’m now going down in history as the ultimate Big Brother tosspot. Wonderful!”

Prior to John’s eviction, Josie spoke to Davina McCall about her decision to leave the Ultimate Big Brother house.

The 25-year-old, who won Big Brother 11 earlier in the week, explained that being back in the house was sending her “over the edge”.

“I felt so trapped, I felt so claustrophobic,” she said. “It all felt like a good idea at the time but then the walls started coming in and I thought I gotta go. Sorry.”