Unwell Jade went to India to pay the bills

Reality TV star Jade Goody has revealed she went into the Indian Celebrity Big Brother (Bigg Boss) house to pay the bills – knowing she could have cancer.

Jade, 27, told Reveal magazine how doctors advised her that getting pregnant again could kill her and urged her to have a hysterectomy.

In an interview conducted before she left for India and was diagnosed with cervical cancer, the single mother said: “I will worry for my beautiful boys if I get unwell. I live for them.”

She said: “I have to keep working to support my family. It’s not an option to stop.

“It’s always difficult working away from home, but I can’t wait around for the doctors to find out what’s wrong with me. I need to keep working.”

She told Reveal: “It’s really hard not knowing. I’m trying to block out thinking about it, trying not to get too depressed.”

The mother of two boys, Bobby, five, and Freddie, three, said she was desperate for a baby girl.

She said: “After I had the miscarriage…, doctors warned me getting pregnant again could be a real health risk for me.”

Jade added: “It’s hard for the boys. Freddie knew I was in hospital and Bobby knew I was unwell. He’s too young to understand, but he’s quite sensitive and he would have wanted to come in and stay with me.”