Vanessa Feltz has become the latest person to join the Ultimate Big Brother line-up after entering the house on Friday evening.

The TV and radio presenter – who was a contestant on the first ever series of Celebrity Big Brother – made her arrival in the house shortly after Makosi and Nadia had been evicted.

She entered in bridal costume as part of the recreation of the ‘wedding’ task from Big Brother 5 – which also saw Victor playing the role of bridegroom and Michelle reprising her rendition of Pie Jesu for the eviction crowd.

And despite being disguised by a veil, Vanessa’s identity was soon revealed by the others, who were delighted to see a newcomer in the house.

“I don’t know how I am really,” she told them when asked. “I’ve been waiting in the wings for ages.”

And when she revealed that she would be staying in the house, the rest of the group cheered.

Vanessa then went on to join in with the wedding task, slow dancing with Victor to Celine Dion’s I Am Your Lady.

The 48-year-old made a memorable appearance when she originally took part in the show, culminating in a meltdown in which she scribbled on the house tables in chalk and screamed obscenities at Big Brother.