Victor and Michelle enter Big Brother bedsit!

Victor Ebuwa and Michelle Bass have become the latest former housemates to join Ultimate Big Brother – unbeknown to the rest of the house.

The pair – who both featured in Big Brother series 5 – entered the house on Friday evening and went straight into the Big Brother bedsit.

Michelle – who previously spent time there in the 2004 series – looked shocked as Davina broke the news to her. “No, not the bedsit!” she gasped.

However she went on to admit she had enjoyed her time there previously. “Me and Emma had so much fun in the bedsit,” she said. “It was just brilliant but it was really stressful at the time.”

And afterwards, when she and Victor had both made their entrance she confessed she had been “shaking like a leaf for the past hour and a half.”

Victor on the other hand appeared calm at the prospect of returning to the house.

“I’m going back in to finish off with a bang,” he said.

“This is the biggest blockbuster of the summer and you can’t have it without the biggest star.”

The pair now have the chance to control some of the goings on in the main house which they will watch via a plasma screen in the bedsit.

They will also have the chance to reward the housemates and play pranks on them – something which they did shortly after their arrival when the pair chose Nikki to receive a visit from Mr Snuggles the evil clown.