Wolfy Millington has become the latest person to be evicted from Big Brother, after losing out in Friday night’s four-way public vote.

The 20-year-old ‘lesbian fisherwoman’ was given her marching orders ahead of fellow nominees Callum Knell, Jackie Travers and Hazel O’Sullivan.

She had been the bookies’ favourite to leave last week before the eviction was cancelled to make way for the ‘secret house’ twist.

However viewers did not get to see the exact moment when Wolfy returned to the real world – as Channel 5 cut to an ad break as she was about to emerge.

The channel swiftly issued an apology via Twitter, admitting: ‘Whoops. Bit of an error there.’

The footage was replayed when the programme returned after the break – with Wolfy winning a largely negative response from the crowd as she made her way down the steps.

Afterwards she admitted that some aspects of her behaviour might have been off-putting to the other housemates, but added: “I wasn’t going to change my habits to please anyone else.”

Wolfy added: “The only person I was trying to impress in there was myself.”

Friday’s Big Brother also saw Emma Willis inform the housemates that two of them would replace Gina, Dexter and Charlie in the secret house on Saturday.

Unbeknown to them however, they have been divided into six pairs, with viewers voting on which duo they want to see in the house.

The pairings include Daley Ojuederie and Hazel O’Sullivan – whose increasingly close relationship has raised eyebrows in recent days.