Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden talks to TV Times magazine about why she couldn’t wait to get back to work…

Amanda, you’ve had an incredibly tough time recently after giving birth to your daughter [Hollie Rose was born on 23 January]…
“I had something called placenta previa, which is where your placenta is attached to your C-section scar from my previous birth and that’s quite common. The doctors knew where it was, and they were going in the other way to get Hollie out, but it was actually attached to my bladder and when they went to lift the placenta away I haemorrhaged, and that’s kind of where it all went wrong.”

Was it hard going back to work after only a fortnight of this happening?
“No it wasn’t because I don’t consider it work. I think digging the roads is work or working nine to five. But sitting at a desk pressing a buzzer for a day is a treat. I was good; I needed something so that is why I came back.”

How do you get on with the new judges, Alesha and David?
“I knew I’d like Alesha because she was always really bubbly and warm when I’d met her before. We get on really well, she’s like me, she’s girly, fun and feisty. And David is just outrageous and hilarious. I don’t know how he gets away with it!”

What about your judging style? How do you know when you’ve got a really good act in front of you?
“If I get goose bumps during a performance it’s usually a really good sign!”

What are you looking for in this series?
“It’s a special year for the Queen with her Diamond Jubilee so I want to find the best act yet. I want the winner to wow everyone and for people to say, ‘You could have only found something like that on Britain’s Got Talent.'”