Ahead of the grand final on Saturday, June 7, judge Amanda Holden gives TV Times magazine her top 10 ever moments from Britain’s Got Talent

Paul Potts – Opera singer. Winner of series one (2007)

“It was just such a wonderful story to find a bloke who’d never been noticed and then he opens his mouth and that voice came out. I was overcome with emotion; I was in tears. Britain’s Got Talent has changed his life and I was so happy for him.”

George Sampson – Street dancer. Winner of series two (2008)

“I’m so glad George returned for series two [having failed to make the live semis in series one]. He’s a really talented young man. He blew us all away, and did himself proud. He was so committed to dancing at such a young age [he was 14 when he won], which was great to see. I’ll never forget that show-stopping point when the water poured down on him as he danced to Singing In The Rain – it was a really special moment. I was quite tearful when he won because I was so proud for him.”

Stavros Flatley – Comedy dance act. Finished fourth in series three (2009)

“I loved this act, it was absolutely hilarious and it was so great they were father and son. They totally took me by surprise, it was so original and funny, I laughed so much I nearly burst, and the outfits were just genius. They’re two of the nicest men and I actually hired them to perform at my 40th birthday party. When people think of BGT, they do think of these two. They’ll definitely be remembered for a long time coming.”

Diversity – Street dance act. Winners of series three (2009)

“We have lots of dance groups, but Diversity brought something so different, new and fresh. It gave us a glimpse into the future of dance and, I will be honest, I don’t think I’ve seen a dance act to top them since. What made them so good was it was so organic and they’re all so passionate about what they do. They are still going five years on, which shows how great they are.”

Spelbound – Gymnastic troupe. Winners of series four (2010)

“I was honestly on the edge of my seat watching Spelbound. They took serious risks, it was nerve racking and stunning at the same time. I loved it. They’re what BGT’s all about, finding a group of ordinary kids with an amazing talent. I was over the moon to see them performing at the closing ceremony for the Olympics, what an amazing achievement.”

Ronan Parke – Singer. Runner-up in series five (2011)

“Aw, Ronan Parke – he was adorable. Michael McIntyre [who co-judged series five with Amanda and David Hasselhoff] and I thought he’d win – we loved his version of Nina Simone’s Feeling Good. He was so young, but he had this amazing voice that just wowed us from the word go. He was a gorgeous little thing too. I remember he got quite emotional in the final and, of course, that set me off, he really wanted it.”

Ashley and Pudsey – Dog trick act. Winners of series six (2012)

“Simon had been waiting for an amazing dog act since the show started, but it just never happened. Then Ashley and Pudsey came along – we had never seen a dog on stage who was so well behaved and talented. Pudsey’s moves were fantastic; it was hard to believe a dog was doing this. And I loved watching the relationship between the two, Pudsey was just so loyal. I was smiling through the whole thing.”

Attraction – Shadow theatre group. Winners of series seven (2013)

“It was such an emotional first performance, I couldn’t speak! Alesha and I were quite taken by it. I found it so moving, and for that moment, they took us to a different place. Yes they were from Hungary, but they were incredible, they silenced the room. I loved how they told a story – you really believed every bit. I’m so glad that they came to audition – it was truly unforgettable.”

Paddy and Nico – Salsa-dancing act. Competitors in series eight (2014)

“Wow! Well my golden buzzer says it all…Their performance surprised us all and that’s what’s so great about it. Paddy’s such a lovely woman and Nico’s a great teacher. She’s in great shape and is incredibly committed. It made everyone think of their own grandmothers and, yes, it was risqué, but it was also absolutely brilliant. I reckon they’ll be in the top three, it’s something that appeals to everyone!”

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