Amanda Holden says her marriage has been ‘tested to its limits’.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge married record producer Chris Hughes, the father of her daughter, Lexi, in 2008.

But the couple endured a miscarriage in 2010 and the stillborn birth of their son, Theo, the following year before having another daughter in 2012.

Amanda, 42, told OK! magazine that the couple could handle ‘the big stuff’ but still rowed over small things.

“The relationship has been tested to its limits. Yes we squabble,” she told the mag. “But we handle the big stuff then argue if I don’t get the right snacks when I’m shopping. He says, ‘We’re rowing again, Mandy’.

“And I say, ‘For goodness sake, our baby has died, I’ve had a miscarriage, I nearly died. We disagree over rice cakes versus Skips?’

“This is good. This is normal.”

Amanda is releasing her autobiography, No Holding Back, this week and said Chris read it chapter by chapter.

“He’s the love of my life, but he is my worst critic! He never has anything good to say and that’s a good thing, because I work in a business where there is so much bulls***.”