Amanda Holden shows off baby Hollie

Amanda Holden shows off smiling daughter Hollie, 10 months after the birth which left the Britain’s Got Talent judge fighting for her life.

The TV star – who has rarely posed with Hollie – is launching a campaign to help cut the incidence of newborns suffering from tetanus.

The actress was pictured with her second daughter to encourage other mothers to post pictures of their children online to raise money for vaccinations in a project which has seen UNICEF team up with nappy brand Pampers.

Amanda, 41, was in a critical condition in hospital for three days following the birth of Hollie in January.

She haemorrhaged as doctors removed her placenta, due to a complication from a previous Caesarean section, and had to undergo a transfusion. She lost 15 pints of blood in total.

Tetanus threatens the lives of around 130 million women and newborns in 33 countries, although the association between the company and the campaigning organisation has already led to the elimination of the problem in eight poorer nations including Uganda and Ghana.

Pampers is to donate the cost of a tetanus vaccine for each specially marked pack which is bought, and for each baby picture uploaded by parents to the Pampers Facebook page through its Picture A Better Future Campaign.

Amanda said: “It’s fantastic to see how the efforts of mums everywhere have made a significant difference already, but it is also a reminder that women and babies around the world are still at risk and continue to die needlessly from a disease that can be so easily prevented.”

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