Amanda Holden slams ‘environmental do-gooders’

Amanda Holden has said she is ‘appalled’ by plans to build a wind farm close to her holiday home.

She said plans to create seven turbines near King’s Lynn, Norfolk, would ‘wreck’ a beautiful area.

Holden, who owns a property near King’s Lynn, wrote to a local newspaper to criticise ‘environmental do-gooders’.

“I am absolutely appalled that this area of outstanding beauty is to be wrecked and by ‘environmental do-gooders’ who clearly will be doing no good at all to the local villages and surrounding wildlife,” she said in an email to the Eastern Daily Press.”

She continued: “I just hope on this occasion that the relevant councils are not like our present Government and actually listen to the people who put them in a place of power and responsibility.”

Holden, a judge on ITV show Britain’s Got Talent, said she was not personally affected by proposals for the wind farm between the villages of Docking and Fring, but wanted to support opponents of the plans.

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