Amanda Holden: ‘I keep returning to BGT because it’s the best job in television’

Judge Amanda Holden tells us why ITV’s hit talent show BGT is on absolute fire this year…

So, how has the standard of talent been this year, Amanda?
“Amazing! We had hundreds of magicians after Richard Jones won last year, which is fantastic. We also had masses of kids – probably half the Golden Buzzers are children. I think the future is bright because there are so many kids auditioning, BGT gets better and better!”

Any hints about what made you press your Golden Buzzer?
“Everyone expects me to press it for musical theatre or something like that. But it’s not anything like that. It’s very funny and quite edgy – it feels more Channel 4 than BGT, but I really loved it. I think the person has got a massive future.”

Apart from your own act, of course, which judge has the best Golden Buzzer choice?
“Alesha Dixon. Her Golden Buzzer act are very, talented but the story behind it is like a movie moment, and the two hand-in-hand could possibly win the show. It’s massively poignant.”

Simon Cowell’s three-year-son Eric has attended some of the auditions. How did he get on?
“Eric’s so cute and has amazing answers to questions. If you ask him ‘Why does Daddy work?’ he says: ‘To buy Mummy new clothes!’ Or ‘What does Daddy do?’, ‘He presses the scary buzzer.’ He’s got a massive crush on my daughter, Holly; he follows her everywhere!”

We hear Simon has mellowed this series…
“Yes Simon’s in a different place this year, he’s being very nice! We’ve spent a lot of time talking about interior design and discussing landscape gardening. And he’s been asking in-depth questions of all our contestants, such as how were they feeling the night before. It’s very unnerving, I prefer it when he’s taking the mick out of me!”

 How is David Walliams’s one-sided bromance with Simon going?
“It’s very much still on and is very funny to watch. David has wrestled Simon to the floor again on many occasions, but I doubt any of it will make the television!”

You’ve been with BGT since the very beginning. What keeps you coming back?
“Because it’s the best job in television! I would imagine there would be hundreds of girls out there who would kill me for it. I have the best fun, I adore the people and I’m entertained second by second. It’s an incredible thing to be part of.”

Finally, what do you think is the secret to BGT’s success?
“It’s a warm-hearted show that everybody can watch and it’s the banter as well, I think. We’ve worked it out that, like Strictly, if the judges get on, there’s no point changing them. We all get on really well, and Ant and Dec are hilarious behind the scenes. It’s just great proper family entertainment.”

Amanda Holden and Britain’s Got Talent return to ITV on Saturday, April 15


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