Ant and Dec: David could be ‘fired’ from BGT

Ant and Dec have jokingly suggested that David Walliams could be fired from Britain’s Got Talent if he keeps on poking fun at Simon Cowell.

Speaking to The Sun’s TV magazine the pair have suggested that it is only a matter of time before the mogul cracks as a result of the Little Britain star’s jibes.

“David is constantly on the naughty step,” Dec revealed, “but he climbs off it and keeps teasing, and there is no sign of that letting up.

“Simon is starting to crack,” he added. “David could be fired by the end of this, let’s be honest.”

Ant agreed, saying: “Yeah, I’ll be surprised if David makes it through the whole series.”

The pair went on to compare Simon to ‘a nine-year-old boy’ in his personal tastes on the show – and how they might influence his decision when it came to choosing his favourite acts.

“There is a bit of a worry that now he’s found his dancing dog, what else does he want?” Dec pointed out. “We know he’s a fan of robots and cartoons.”

However he praised his efforts on the panel, saying: “He always hits the nail on the head and says exactly what you’re thinking at home. I think he’s the best judge!”