Ashleigh and Pudsey return to BGT: ‘You have to prove your status as a winner!’ (VIDEO)

Ashleigh Butler has teased that she and her talented dancing dog Pudsey WILL be returning to perform on this year’s grand final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Ashleigh, 21, and Pudsey won the hearts of the nation when they auditioned for BGT in 2012 and went on to become series champions.

Since their win, Ashleigh and Pudsey have, among other things, performed for the Queen twice, appeared on countless TV shows all over the world, won numerous awards and have become global film stars with Pudsey: The Movie. And they’re currently touring the UK with their Mission ImPUDSEYble show.

As Britain’s Got Talent gears up for this year’s live semi-finals this weekend, Ashleigh told What’s on TV: “I can’t say too much but it’s going to be very exciting and I’m looking forward to going back, it’s gonna be really surreal,” she said. “I can’t give too much away though, so you’ll just have to make sure you’re watching. Pudsey will be loving it – it will be a very big performance.”

Ashleigh has been back to perform on BGT a few times since her win – and admitted it’s far more nerve-racking going back as a guest rather than being a contestant.

“People have expectations and you are going back as a winner, so you have to prove that you have earned that status, in a way. It’s definitely going to be a nerve-racking night!”

Ashleigh has been watching the current series of BGT and sent out a message of support for trainer Lucy and her performing dog, Trip Hazard.

“I actually know Lucy quite well. We go to shows together and I see her competing, so I wish her the best of luck. I definitely think she’ll be in the live shows and, if she’s not, I’ll be very, very surprised. So good luck to them!”

Ashleigh never believed she and Pudsey would actually win BGT back in 2012.

“I always thought Jonathan and Charlotte were going to win,” she said. “So when we were standing as the final two acts waiting to hear who had won, I thought it was going to be them because that’s what I’d had in my head all along. I thought they were incredible and I’m still really good friends with Charlotte. They’ve gone their separate ways now… but me and Pudsey won’t be doing that!”

Ashleigh claims that winning the show has changed her life ‘100 per cent’, saying: “It’s been an incredible journey and we’re very lucky that every job we’ve done has been completely different. We get to work on the stage, make movies, go to America and everything, so we’re very lucky.”

And it seems that, despite now being a global megastar, Pudsey hasn’t gone ‘all Hollywood’. “The only thing that’s changed is his treats,” said Ashleigh. “We have different levels of treats, so like down here is normal dog treats and up there is like a pork pie or something. But we have to watch his weight – we can’t have a fat Pudsey!”

The Britain’s Got Talent live shows begin this Sunday, May 22 at 7.30pm on ITV.

For information on Ashleigh and Pudsey’s Mission ImPUDSEYble Tour, click here.

Watch our full interview with Ashleigh, above…

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