After winning Britain’s Got Talent, superstar dog Pudsey and his owner Ashleigh Butler talk to TV Times magazine about this week’s 100th Royal Variety Performance…

Hi Ashleigh and Pudsey! How does it feel having Simon Cowell as such a big fan of Pudsey?
“I have to keep a careful eye on Pudsey whenever we are around Simon, just in case he slips away with him. Simon and my nan battle it out to be Pudsey’s biggest fan. He just loves him.”

Simon even let you and Pudsey fly in his private jet to America to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno…
“Leading up to the flight I was so nervous because I was like, ‘I’m going to be spending eight hours on a private jet with Simon Cowell – what am I going to talk about!?’ But Simon is lovely, he makes everyone feel at ease and it was fine, I had nothing to worry about.”

You also appeared on the show alongside Morgan Freeman!
“When people ask who is the most famous person I have met I always say Morgan Freeman. It was just one of those moments where I just thought, ‘Am I really sitting here chatting to Morgan Freeman?’ It was crazy.”

Life has certainly changed for the pair of you…
“If you had told me six months ago what I would be doing I would have been like ‘Whatever!’ I can’t believe it – I never expected all of this to happen. A year ago I was just at school and I didn’t really know what I was going to do and now I am living kind of the perfect life. It’s what I really wanted to do anyway, but I never thought it was possible.”

How have your family reacted to all of the attention?
“It has brought us all closer together. My mum comes with me to look after Pudsey if I am going off to do other things and my dad has to stay behind to work and look after my brother and sister. My nan also looks after my brother and sister when my dad is at work. We have had to pull together, but it is really exciting for all of us.”

You’re starring in the Royal Variety Performance this week…
“I am really looking forward to it, but I am really nervous. Everyone is expecting our routine to be bigger and better than BGT, but it is really hard. When I was doing the show I never expected to win so I put all of our moves and everything we had into those routines, and now we have to come up with new ones. We have three weeks to put it together. We have got the music and the routine and all the moves now, it is just a matter of bringing them all together, which is probably the hardest bit.”

Is he coping OK with a new routine?
“It is a brand new routine at the end of the day, so he has got to learn all the different moves, timing and music so it is hard for him, but normally he does it so well.”

Has Pudsey changed with his new-found fame?
“He is a funny dog. When we are filming he knows exactly when the camera is on and when it is off. When they are off he just sniffs around and does what he wants, but once the camera is on he’s as good as gold. He loves performing and loves a crowd – and I just love everything about it.”