BGT beats The Voice in weekend viewing figures

Britain’s Got Talent dominated The Voice in the weekend viewing figures, reversing earlier audience trends.

The ITV1 show attracted an average audience of 9.8 million on Saturday night, while its BBC One rival drew 8.2 million viewers.

On Sunday, Britain’s Got Talent triumphed over The Voice again with its first live semi-final reaching 9.5m viewers. The Voice’s results show drew an audience of 6.6m.

Britain’s Got Talent recently moved to a later slot after The Voice consistently beat the programme in a head-to-head clash, but the programmes will overlap for 75 minutes next Saturday, May 13, when the BGT finale screens.

The shows’ bosses have repeatedly insisted that they are not in competition, with BGT creator Simon Cowell congratulating BBC One controller Danny Cohen on the show’s success.

Cohen told BBC News Online: “I’m a fan of ITV’s entertainment shows. Simon Cowell and others have said very nice things about The Voice. We want viewers to enjoy both shows.

“I don’t think we should get too involved with rivalry or who’s beating who or who’s slightly ahead of who.”

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