TV Times magazine talks to some of our favourite Britain’s Got Talent contestants ahead of this weekend’s live semi-finals about overnight fame, impressing Simon Cowell and singing in space…

Congratulations on getting this far! What made you decide to audition for Britain’s Got Talent?
Ashleigh: “We’d reached the top in canine freestyle [doggy dancing] so I thought BGT could be a good challenge for us. It’s my life and Pudsey loves it!”
Paige: “It’s always been my dream to sing in front of Simon and I felt this year I was ready to audition, plus BGT hasn’t got an age restriction like other competitions.”

The judges were hugely impressed – were you surprised at the reaction?
Jonathan: “I expected people to be relatively shocked but nothing like that. I can’t really put it into words, it was just incredible.”
Charlotte: “People have said we sound really good together, but we’ve never had 3000 people giving us a standing ovation! Simon said we should split up, but we entered the show as a duo and this is what we want.”
Ashleigh: “People thought we had an advantage because Simon loves dog acts, but I was worried that Pudsey wouldn’t want to perform and we would let him down. But Pudsey loved the crowd so he just wanted to go for it.”
Paige: “I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but I was trying to have a bit of confidence. To get a good comment from Simon meant everything and it was just a dream meeting all those famous people.”

How have you coped with the attention from the media and people on the street?
“It’s absolutely crazy. People from America and South East Asia are tweeting me. I think our mums are our biggest fans though!”
Jonathan: “Lots of people have noticed us on the street and asked us for photographs. It’s very nice but it’s an alien concept for me.”

How do you rate your chances of winning?
“We’ve had a variety of dancers, singers and gymnasts winning the show so I think it’s time for a dog to win now… fingers crossed!”
Jonathan: “I’m hopeful. It would be very nice to win, but obviously there are some incredibly good acts so you can’t really take a gamble on what’s going to happen.”

Do you have something bigger and better planned for the semi-finals?
“We have loads more tricks up our sleeve. I’ve been trying to put myself in the audience’s shoes, thinking about what’s never been done before. Pudsey’s a quick learner and we give him his favourite treat, which is ham sandwich! Simon wanted to see him in an outfit. He would look really cute but he gets hot when we’re performing and he might feel restricted, so I don’t think he will be able to wear one.”

This year the winner also has the opportunity to sing in space – would you fancy that?
“That would be amazing! Once my papa heard that he said, ‘You’re taking me to space!’”
Jonathan: “I don’t think I would. I would probably die of fright on the way up there, it would terrify me. I could do it by video link!”