David Walliams pushes the BGT golden buzzer for an act he turned down three years ago

BGT judge David Walliams sensationally pushed the golden buzzer on tonight's show - for an act he turned down three years ago.

Tonight’s Britain’s Got Talent saw David Walliams pushing the golden button for an act he sensationally turned down three years ago.

Fifteen year old Kyle Tomlinson returned to the stage after Walliams advised him to get singing lessons when he first appeared on the show 2014.

A nervous Kyle performed an outstanding rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah which led to a standing ovation from the audience.

When it was time for the judges to deliver their verdicts, David shouted: “I thought it was really good!” before hitting the golden buzzer.

He then added: “I’m really glad you came back and proved me wrong.”

And tonight proved to be a successful night for a string of singers – with a number of standing ovations from the audience.

Maltese teenager Destiny Chukunyere was the first singer to perform.

Destiny described how she won the junior Eurovision competition in 2015, and her next goal was to impress the BGT judges – choosing to sing Aretha Franklin’s Think.

destiny, britain's got talent

The judges looked surprised when Destiny revealed she would be taking on the classic soul track, but her audition was so strong she received a standing ovation from the audience and judges.

David Walliams said: “You are clearly born to sing.”

Simon said: “I’ve been waiting for someone to come out who could be a star, and guess who it is: you”

Destiny received four yeses from the judges, sending her straight through to the next round.

And Destiny wasn’t the only teen singer to blow the judges away this evening. Fourteen-year-old Leah Barniville travelled from Ireland to perform Lucio Dalla’s operatic classic Caruso.

leah barniville,

14-year-old Leah Barniville flew from Ireland for her BGT audition

Simon said: “I thought that was honestly incredible, and you don’t know how good you are.”

Amanda said: “It’s such a complicated song and your Italian was impeccable. It was a flawless audition.”

Leah’s audition also earned her a place in the next round.

Japanese magician Tanba blew the judges away with a death-defying trick in which he swallowed a string of razor blades and a balloon, before retrieving the whole lot fully intact.

Britain’s Got Talent veteran Simon Cowell seemed almost lost for words before summarising: “I have never seen anything like that in my life. I don’t know whether I liked it, or it was repulsive, but it doesn’t matter.”

Tanba also received a standing ovation from the audience and four crucial yeses from the judges.

Tanba, britain's got talent

Parisian dance group Allin Dance Crew put on an energetic performance and impressed the judges with their polished routine, commitment and passion.

britain's got talent,

Retired engineers Henry and Malc, aged 84 and 75, donned flat caps as they sang Frank Sinatra’s You Make Me Feel So Young.

Amanda said: “This is the perfect thing to put in front of the Royal Family at the Royal Variety,” while Simon could not resist joking: “This is Ant and Dec in 10 years.”

malcolm and henry, bgt

Britain’s Got Talent continues next Saturday on ITV1.

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