BGT reject Scott reveals suicide bid

Britain’s Got Talent hopeful Scott Whitley has revealed he attempted to commit suicide after being dropped from the show.

The DJ made it through the initial auditions with his aerobics-inspired dance routine – but failed to reach this week’s live heats.

And he admitted that watching the show proved too much for him – especially given that the judges had told him he was destined for stardom.

“I was really depressed and couldn’t stop crying,” he told the Mirror.

“I just had enough and took… pills to try and end it all. Luckily I threw them up when I realised what I was doing.”

Scott added that he had been led to believe he would definitely get through to the live stages after being persuaded to attend the ‘Deliberation Day’ scenes filmed in March, when the finalists were chosen.

However his rejection at that stage cost him dearly, given that he had given up his job as a tourist entertainer in Lanzarote to put all his energies into the show.

“I had this amazing vision of success and then it all got ripped away and I was right back to square one,” Scott confessed.

“I was very naive. It felt like all my dreams were smashed in one go. I was angry at BGT but also at myself for being so easily led.”

A spokesperson for Britain’s Got Talent said Scott had chosen to attend the show to hear the results – and that it took its ‘duty of care very seriously’.

“Contestants are asked to disclose any concerns they have in advance so that we can offer appropriate support,”, the spokesperson added.

“During the show we work closely with contestants and aftercare is offered to any we have concerns about or who requests additional support.”