BGT winners Spelbound earning 2K a minute!

Britain’s Got Talent winners Spelbound are set to make a fortune from their victory – pocketing two thousand pounds a minute for performances.

According to the News Of The World the gymnastic troupe can expect to earn around £30,000 for a 15-minute corporate show. As a result they have overtaken 2009 winners Diversity as the show’s top-earning dancers.

“Diversity were charging around £25,000 a gig but their value was slashed after Spelbound won,” a source told the paper.

“There’s huge demand for their act and they’ll make a lot of money over the next year with corporate performances.”

Others expected to do well from the 2010 series include teenage boyband Connected, who are set to earn around eight thousand a gig, dancer Tobias Mead, who has been lined up for a series of events, and octogenarian singer Janey Cutler, who stands to make six thousand a show.

However, the 81-year-old may have to limit the number of shows she does due to her age.

There’s a massive demand out there for Janey because she gives a real show-stopping performance,” the source added.

“But because of her age things are going to be managed very carefully and unfortunately it looks like she’ll have to turn most things down.”

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