BGT’s Alesha: ‘I can’t wait for un-edited David!’

As Britain’s Got Talent gears up for a week of semi-finals, judge Alesha Dixon says she’s looking forward to going live… and a much naughtier David Walliams!

How has working with David, Simon and Amanda on the BGT panel compared to working with Len, Bruno and Craig on Strictly?

“It’s been fun, it’s just a different dynamic. I think the chemistry is genuine, everybody gets on and no one’s afraid to stand up for the acts they believe in. David has somehow brought out a softer side in Simon – he’s going to be brilliant on the live shows.”

Are you nervous about the live shows?

“I’m not actually. Obviously, I got used to doing live shows with Strictly and BGT is more relaxed that I thought it would be. On the live shows, there will be more energy and things will be more spontaneous – plus David won’t be able to be edited out!”

Are you hoping David’s going to be more naughty then?

“Yes! And if he isn’t I’ll be upset. People are loving him on the show; it’s what we’ve come to expect from him and I think he’ll play up to that. I think Simon will be a bit worried, but I can’t wait!”

What acts are you looking forward to seeing again?

“I’d love to see singing duo Jonathan and Charlotte again; Jonathan just blew everyone away and Charlotte is a much better vocalist than she was given credit for. Zipparah Tafari was great and I think Sam Kelly and Ryan O’Shaughnessy were really strong contenders.”

Have you always been a fan of the show? And how do this year’s acts compare to those from previous years?

“I’ve always been a fan of the show and I remember voting for Diversity and Stavros Flatley. I think the dynamics of the show have changed but, at the heart of it, it’s a show about celebrating everything about the British spirit. It’s a great year to be a part of it with the Olympics and everything, and hopefully the show can just keep growing and growing.”

Lots of bands are reuniting – is there any chance Mis-Teeq will get back together?

“I would love to. The other night I was going through my DVDs and I found some old Mis-Teeq footage that my mum had recorded and I sat there watching it and reminiscing and got all emotional. I contacted the girls and I was like: ‘Su, come over from Australia’. I would never say never because I miss the girls and think that what we achieved together, from what we all came from, was incredible, so I would love to.”

The Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals begin on Sunday, May 6 at 8pm on ITV1.