BGT’s Amanda: ‘The final gives me butterflies!’

Amanda Holden reveals what’s so special about the Britain’s Got Talent final…

You’ve been a judge on Britain’s Got Talent since it started in 2007. Do you still get excited about the grand final?

“Oh yes, it’s always exciting. I wake up with ‘exam tummy’ – those butterflies in your stomach you get when you’ve got an exam you haven’t quite prepared for. I’m normally in 19-inch heels and a dress I can’t breathe in. Then when the doors open and the fireworks go off, I always think: ‘I can’t believe I’m on this show.'”

Singers and dance acts always seem to triumph on Britain’s Got Talent. Do you think a traditional variety act can win this year?

“I’d love a different kind of act to win and, as judges, I definitely think we’ve put the choice out there. Throughout the auditions, Welsh choir Only Boys Aloud gave me goosebumps and I really liked Mr Zip, with his ‘Where’s Me Keys? Where’s Me Phone?’ rap as well as Ashleigh and her dancing dog Pudsey. If the public doesn’t want another singer to win, it’s up to them to vote for something different.”

What for you has been the most dramatic grand final in the show’s history?

“That’s got to be when dance troupe Diversity beat Susan Boyle in 2009. The press attention that surrounded Susan after her first singing audition was incredible, I’ve never experienced anything like it. Then, when she didn’t win, it absolutely shocked us all.”

Who’s been your favourite act from all the past series?

“It’s got to be dad and son dancers, Stavros Flatley! I had them at my birthday party earlier this year and, just before they came on, David Walliams and ex-judge Piers Morgan donned wigs, took their tops off and did their own version of Stavros Flatley, which was so unexpected, but a delight.”

What do you think of ratings war between Britain’s Got Talent and The Voice?

“The only people unfairly affected by having two entertainment juggernauts up against each other is the viewing public, who should be able to enjoy both shows. Ratings for Britain’s Got Talent have still been up on last year and it’s still a worldwide phenomenon.”

Have you enjoyed working with the new judges and will you be back next year?

“We’ve all got along brilliantly. I’ve loved Alesha’s feistiness and saucy sense of humour and David’s been so rebellious – I’m amazed at what Simon’s let him get away with. I’m certainly the longest survivor on this show, and with everything that goes on in my life, I think I’m difficult to sack. I genuinely love the show, so if I’m invited back again that would be fabulous!”

The Britain’s Got Talent live final is on Saturday at 7.30pm on ITV1.