Ashleigh, 17, from Northampton and her dancing dog Pudsey are one of the hot favourites for this year’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals. Here, Ashleigh talks about her dynamic dog…

Is Pudsey really as adorable as he seems?
“Yes! Since my mum gave me Pudsey for my 11th birthday, we’ve done everything together; he’s such a lovely dog. He can be a bit cheeky sometimes – he once jumped onto our kitchen worktop and stole some food. He loves ham sandwiches!”

How often do you practise routines with Pudsey?
“Pudsey loves learning new tricks and picks up the routines really quickly. We don’t really train for more than an hour a day though because I want to make sure he’s still enjoying it. To Pudsey, it’s all fun!”

What do your friends think of you being on BGT?
“They love it! They’re all really supportive and understanding and just really nice. I don’t have much time to hang out with my friends, but they all understand that it’s my decision to stay with Pudsey and train him, so it’s fine.”

What hints can you give us about your routine for the semi-final?
“We want to do something unique and different and show the audience something they’ve never seen a dog act do before. We’ve got lots and lots more tricks up our sleeve!”

Simon said he wanted to see Pudsey dressed up like you?
“Pudsey would look great in an little outfit, but if he did wear one it might distract him or make him hot. Obviously, I don’t want that to happen, so we might have to stay a way from costumes… though a little dickie bow might be cute.”

What would it mean for you to go on and win Britain’s Got Talent?
“Getting through the semis and winning would be brilliant! Both myself and Pudsey have been working very hard – and having him by my side makes it even better. He’s my best friend.”

Simon said he’s looking for a dog that can win Oscars… Do you think Pudsey can win one?
“Pudsey would be perfect for film work, as soon as anyone points a camera, he starts posing. I’ve actually got six dogs, so you could see Pudsey and his backing dancers!”