BGT’s Gabz blasts Bruce over kid comments

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Gabz Gardiner has joined the row over whether younger performers should be allowed to take part on the show – blasting Bruce Forsyth for his remarks.

The 14-year-old singer songwriter, who made it through to next Saturday’s final with her self-penned composition The One, told the Mirror that children actually found it less stressful to compete in the show than grown-ups.

“I think all the kids have been really good,” the teenager said. “There is more pressure on the adults.

“I think kids will be fine, we don’t worry about pressure. Everybody has said ‘good luck’ and ‘have fun’ and they haven’t put any pressure on me.

She added she was ‘really excited’ to be in the final, and said: “I always wanted to go on BGT but I didn’t think I was good enough.”

Gabz’s father Noel agreed with his daughter, saying it had been her choice to audition for the ITV programme.

“She is calm and loves going on stage. There has been no ­pressure from us and no ­pressure from BGT,” he said.

“They are strict about ­looking after the kids. They are escorted everywhere and out of the ­building at a certain time.

He revealed: “When we were backstage it was the adults who were nervous and the kids were ­absolutely fine. Brucie is a legend and has earned the right to say what he wants but at the end of the day if you’re ready for it, you’re ready.”

Bruce ignited the debate after suggesting that those youngsters who took part in the show were being put through an ‘ordeal’ and should have their own talent show.

Jessie J has since joined in by saying it should be ‘illegal’ to allow child performers to take part.