BGT’s Piers: Simon could sack me at any time!

Britain’s Got Talent judge Piers Morgan says he constantly fears Simon Cowell will fire him from the show, if the chemistry between the panel fizzles out.

Speaking exclusively to the News Of The World, Piers admitted his worries, saying “It’s his train set – I’m just the engine driver.

“Amanda and I feel very, very lucky to be on the show. Simon could get rid of us anytime he wants.”

The former newspaper editor has become a worldwide star since he joined the judging panel of the show in 2007.

However he told the paper that he realised Simon could be as ruthless with him and Amanda as he was with Kelly Brook, who joined the panel in 2009 but was axed by Simon after less than a week.

“I don’t think any of us takes anything for granted – including Simon. Amanda and I could be out on our ear if he decides to get rid of us,” Piers said.

However he added that he thought the show would continue to thrive without Simon – who recently revealed he would not be judging the auditions stage of next year’s series and would only join the show for the live finals.

“It’s so strong now it could survive without him,” Piers said.

“Simon is irreplaceable on X Factor because he’s a singing expert and his opnion’s the one everyone waits for. I don’t think it’s quite the same on Britain’s Got Talent – where the casting of the panel is secondary to the performers.”

This weekend’s audition show will be on Sunday at 8pm after it was replaced on Saturday by coverage of the Champions League final.

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