BGT’s Ronan ‘inspired’ by Lady Gaga

Britain’s Got Talent sensation Ronan Parke has revealed that chart-topper Lady Gaga gave him the confidence to audition for the show.

The 12-year-old – who received a standing ovation from judges and audience on Saturday night for his rendition of Feeling Good – told The Sun that he was “terrified” of facing the panel.

However he admitted that he drew strength from some of his favourite singers.

“I’ve seen Beyonce and Lady Gaga. They’re my two favourite singers,” he said. “They inspire me to sing. They’re amazing with so much talent. I look at them performing and think that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.

“I’d thought about doing it before, but I never had the confidence in myself, so I was really proud of myself that this year I did.”

Ronan has been dubbed “the new Justin Bieber” following his appearance on Saturday night’s show in which guest judge Louis Walsh dubbed him “the one to beat”.

However he said that he was “shaking” while he watched the performance on TV.

“My mum and dad played it back about 20 times!” Ronan said. “I definitely want to be a performer, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. I’ve been having singing lessons for the last two years.”

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