BGT’s Stephen Mulhern: ‘Attraction are top of my list’

It’s the Britain’s Got Talent grand final this week, and here Britain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern gives TV Times magazine his pick of the wow moments, the bizarre novelty acts and the judges’ antics that have made this series extra special…

You say that the scariest moment for you was mentalist Aaron Crowe wielding his samurai sword?
“Yes – this was so weird, I couldn’t believe it was allowed! I certainly never thought Aaron would be able to swing a samurai sword at Ant while his eyes were covered in gaffa tape and tin foil! It did make me laugh seeing Ant’s face. He’s so relieved afterwards that he actually takes Aaron’s applause!”

Which of the acts really impressed you this year?
“Attraction are at the top of my list. They were just phenomenal and it felt like they made the impossible possible. We’ve had variety acts in abundance this time round and I think that’s what’s made the series amazing. It’s definitely our best yet.”

Who was the surprise act for you this series?
“Illusionist Stevie Pink. When he walked out onto the stage everyone thought he was a joke act because he was dressed in pink and carrying a fluffy cat. Then he did that fan levitation trick and it was a wow moment. I was rooting for him!”

Anything really odd?
“This was such a bizarre act. The only talent this woman thought she had was that the dog was big. There obviously comes a point where you decide that you want to be on the biggest talent show on telly, you wonder what you can do and you think, ‘I’ve got a big dog!’ It was just incredible.”

Are there any singers you’ve been impressed with?
“Arixsandra is an incredible performer and if she picks the right song she’s going to have an amazing career. I absolutely do think it’s fair to have children on the show, I celebrate that decision. I started performing when I was 11 and if BGT was around then it would have been a dream to audition.”

Were there any really dramatic moments for you this year?
“It’s clear that all of the judges really do get on, but when Amanda and Alesha walked out of the auditions they just wanted to show that actually the two of them can stick together. Simon will sometimes say things just because he knows it’s going to annoy them and they wanted to prove a point. They did get apologies!”

What do you make of the bromance between Simon and David?
“It’s fantastic to watch. The two of them are like brothers and there’s mutual respect there, but David is so unpredictable and he just never gives up. I’ve never known anyone that can get away with what he does… He’s relentless!”


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