BGT’s violinist Sue ‘shunned’ by best friend

Britain’s Got Talent‘s violinist Sue Son has admitted that going solo has cost her her friendship with performing partner Janine Khalil.

Music student Sue originally auditioned on the show with keyboardist Janine as a double act, Addicted – and were dismissed by the judges.

However they invited her back to audition alone – and her subsequent violin solo won her a place in the next round, with Simon Cowell calling the performance of the Vanessa Mae track Storm “phenomenal”.

But her triumph has come at a price – with Janine refusing to talk to Sue, ignoring her calls and even defriending her on Facebook.

As a result Sue says she has ended their seven-year friendship – and told the Sunday Mirror that she blames Janine for the split.

“If she was really my true friend she could call me and say well done and support me,” Sue said.

However Janine’s mum has hit back at the 24-year-old, saying that her daughter feels “let down and humiliated”.

“Janine did not want to go on the show but this was always Sue’s dream and Sue twisted her arm,” said Sandra Khalil. “Janine is not that bothered about fame.

“Janine has a first class degree and is doing a Masters at the Royal College of Music. Sue didn’t get in to the Royal College of Music.

“Janine also helped Sue loads with her degree and I think she feels a bit let down and humiliated about what’s happened.”

Sue said, “When I told Janine I got through, she said ‘Congratulations’ but I felt she wasn’t being sincere and was thinking I wasn’t her true friend.

“But friendship is a two-way thing and I can’t keep trying to contact her. If she was my real friend she would support me.”

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