Round three of Britain’s Got Talent’s auditions saw the judges fly into Northern Ireland – and Ant and Dec follow them on a zip wire!

They’re certainly not that adventurous on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

Ant and Dec quickly found a pub for a pint of the black stuff – and, not long after the auditions started, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon looked like they needed a few drinks, too.

The fourth act of the night, sales assistant John Power, was a disturbing man who just ranted and raged on stage. Simon, Amanda and Alesha quickly buzzed – and David tried to, but couldn’t.

Uh-oh. David’s buzzer wasn’t working.

After last week’s controversial Golden Buzzer moment, when David put through Cristian Spiridon for taking the “sex” out of Sex Bomb, this might not be an honest malfunction.

Maybe David’s not trusted with buzzer responsibilities any more.

But David wasn’t going to be stopped. He took off one of his shoes and beat it into life.

The audience cheered and so did the judges – but no one was cheering John.

“I think you might need to see someone,” Amanda said to John, sympathetically.

The next act had the judges smiling again, though – Innova, a traditional Irish dance group with a twist (and a few jumps and some very lively footwork).

“Oh. My. God. I absolutely loved that,” said Simon. “This is why I wanted to come to Belfast.”

Kings and Queens were another dance group that wowed the judges.

“Wow wow wow wow wow,” said Alesha, after their performance.

“We’ve had some great dance groups on this show over years,” added Simon. “I think you were incredible.”

Simon wasn’t so keen on Cartel, though, not with 27-year-old Jamie in the otherwise teenage line-up. “You stuck out like a sore thumb,” Simon told Jamie. “You shouldn’t be in the group. But I like the other four.”

The other judges didn’t like Simon’s attitude, though – and David was quick to let him know.

“By your logic, Simon, on this panel there’s three young, attractive people and you.”

The judges were united in their feelings about 24-year-old supermarket assistant Micky Dumoulin, though, who told them he sings for regular customers who ask him to.

Micky sang Bring Him Home from Les Miserables, an emotional song that got an emotional response and a standing ovation.

“You did a beautiful job,” Amanda told Micky.

“I remember Olly Murs had that charisma when I first met him,” Simon said. “I think the regulars in your supermarket are going to be very happy.”

Andrew Derbyshire was another singer the judges loved. Andrew had auditioned for Pop Idol 14 years ago but Simon remembered him.

“Since you sang for me 14 years ago, I imagine you’ve sung in some really bad places and been desperate for the audience to like you,” Simon told him after his performance. “Actually, I think you’ve got a really good voice. But I think you’re trying to please too much. We’ve never had a male diva like you on the show before.”

“Well, I think we have,” David chimed in.

“OK,” Simon laughed. “We’ve never had a singing male diva before.”

And Simon was still laughing when the following act performed – but he’s the only judge who was.

Shakespeare Remix was three actresses from London who performed a piece from Hamlet.

“Not the best performance of Hamlet I’ve seen,” said David, in the understatement of the night.

“I hate Shakespeare but in a weird way I liked it,” said Simon – and gave them a “yes”. He didn’t go for the Golden Buzzer, though.

There was no Golden Buzzer moment in this round – but Simon might have been tempted if he’d been at 14-year-old Bailey McConnell’s audition.

Simon had taken off for New York as his partner was about to give birth to his son.

That left David, Alesha and Amanda to enjoy Bailey singing one of his own songs.

“One of my friends turned on me and that’s what the song’s about,” he told them.

You could have heard a pin drop as Bailey sang but, when he finished, the audience were on their feet cheering.

“I wish I was Simon because if I had a record label I’d sign you,” Alesha told Bailey.

“What’s not to like about you?” said David. “You play beautifully and write incredible songs.”

“Simon’s going to be sorry he missed him,” added Amanda.

Never mind, Simon can catch Bailey in the live semi-finals in May.

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Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV, Saturday, May 3