It was round six of Britain’s Got Talent auditions and there was no golden buzzer moment… But a little star was born.

Jodi Bird, just 16, stepped out on the stage to sing Don’t Rain On My Parade.

But that’s exactly what judge Simon Cowell did. Very quickly he stopped Jodi’s singing.

“No!” shouted Amanda Holden.

But Simon was determined. “I can’t listen to that,” he said. “It’s too smiley.

“Can I hear a better song,” Simon asked Jodi.

The teenager looked unsure.

But the other judges were absolutely sure about what they wanted to happen.

“It’s a shame Simon cut that short,” said David Walliams.

“Yes. I love that song and I was really enjoying that,” Alesha Dixon said.

And Amanda’s mind was made up.

“Can’t we finish?” she asked Simon. “I want to hear her finish.”

So Simon shut up and Jodi started again… And this time she finished – and she brought the house down.

The audience and the judges were on their feet… except Simon. But David grabbed his arms and forced him to clap along with the crowd.

And then it was time for the judges to vote.

David was first to speak. “I really loved it,” he told Jodi. “It’s great to have different musical styles on this show. You came out with a lot of determination and really won us over. That’s what we’re looking for. Someone with passion and someone who wants to win and I really got that from you.”

Alesha was next. “I really like you, Jodi,” she told the sweet 16 year old. “That song is full of personality so really well done.”

Amanda was bursting with praise. “I bloody loved it, Jodi,” Amanda grinned. “What I really admire is how you dealt so brilliantly with the critique and everything. You came back so much stronger. You p****d all over Simon’s parade. You need to have a strong backbone in musical theatre and I think you’re made of titanium. I think you did brilliantly well.”

Then everyone turned to Simon.

He’d let Jodi finish her son but did he think she was any good?

“OK. I may have acted a little bit prematurely there,” he told Jodi. “I have to say I’m not crazy about those songs. But I did cut you off too short and I apologise.”

Then Simon got a glint in his eye…

“Actually, no, I’m glad I cut you off,” he told Jodi, “because you came back and proved a point. You came back with more excitement and more determination.

“I kind of did it on purpose now I’m thinking about it,” Simon finished, smiling smugly.

“You always knew this was going to happen, didn’t you, Simon?” David laughed.

“I did,” Simon agreed. “Sometimes you’ve got to push people a little bit.

“So I’m taking credit for that performance,” Simon told Jodi. “Congratulations.”

“Nobody’s gonna rain on my parade,” Jodi sang.

And, in the end, no one did.

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Britain’s Got Talent continues on ITV1 on Sunday, May 25