The second week of Britain’s Got Talent 2010 has featured some memorably quirky acts, as the series’ quest to find a new star continues.

This week’s show included some of the highlights – and lowlights – from the auditions in London and Manchester.

And among the more memorable acts were topless fire performer Tia Brodie – who singed her body with flaming torches while singing.

The 33-year-old’s daring performance divided the judges. Amanda Holden was unimpressed, but both Piers and Simon voted her through to tne next round.

“I loved it,” Simon said. “I like the whole idea of being on fire and singing at the same time.”

Also taking risks was Stevie Starr – aka The Regurgitator – whose magic act involved swallowing a number of objects whole including coins and a billiard ball, and then spitting them up again.

Piers Morgan called the act “pretty compelling to watch”, before all the judges voted him through to the next stage.

Others who weren’t so lucky included Melissa and her dog Laika, who she told the judges could play the guitar – only for the act to fall flat when the pooch sat on stage and refused to strum a note.

“I don’t think Laika wants to be in showbusiness anymore,” Piers said as the judges sent the pair packing. Other animal acts who failed to make the grade included less than talented pig Star and owner Liz Dore, snail racer Neil Riseborough and teenager Louise Sinclair, whose act came to an abrupt end when her horse Ali decided to use the stage as a toilet.

However plenty of acts did make it through, including quirky group The Arrangement whose classical reworkings of pop songs including Beyonce‘s If I Were A Boy and Flo Rida’s Low initially failed to impress Simon but eventually won him over.

“It’s like you’re performing at the school dance and somebody’s spiked your drink,” he told them. But Amanda Holden called the act “genius”.

Drag act Max Oliver, who impersonated Lady Gaga, also divided the judges. “We’ve already got Lady Gaga,” Simon told the 21-year-old, “why do we need you?” Piers however disagreed. “I think Simon’s in a bad mood,” he said, as he and Amanda sent Max through to the next round.

Also making it through were gymnastic group Spellbound, whose routine wowed both the judges and the audience. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” Simon said, while Amanda described the performance as “faultless”.

And ‘singing accountant’ Christopher Stone was voted through after surprising the panel with his performance of Maria from the musical West Side Story.

Simon questioned the 28-year-old’s “lack of conviction and self-belief” but went on to tell him, “You’ve got a very very good voice,” before giving him the thumbs up.

The audition highlights will continue next Saturday.