Britain’s Got Talent 2011: week six!

A seven-year-old singer, a host of dance troupes and some weird and wonderful dog acts were among the highlights on this week’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Among those who impressed the judges as auditions reached their sixth week was seven-year-old Robbie Firmin, who paid tribute to Frank Sinatra with his rendition of My Way.

Having won over the audience with his cuteness, the youngster also won the judges’ hearts by telling guest judge Louis Walsh that he could be a good match for his auntie – but ultimately it was his singing that did the trick.

“Robbie, I’ve never heard anybody so young sing that song and you did it your way!” Louis told him.

“Robbie I thought it had everything,” Michael McIntyre added “You toyed with the audience, they were up, they were down, they were swaying. Robbie you’re a star.”

Other youngsters who made a good impression included rap duo Follow The Right Path. Best friends Jamie, 14 and 13-year-old George, had both judges and audience entranced with their self-penned tribute to their late grandfathers.

“I think you did both your granddads proud today,” Amanda Holden said.

“I’m very impressed with you two as 13 and 14-year-old kids,” Louis added. “I liked all the positivity about it. I think your granddads would be very proud of you. You are two great role models for young kids, I’m saying yes.”

Also doing well were magic act David and Karen who impressed the judge with an illusion which started with David trapped inside a perspex box but ended with Karen sitting inside instead.

“We have been through so many magicians and they have been so boring,” said David Hasselhoff, “and we always wanted to find one that wows us and you did that right away, congratulations.”

And teenager Paul Gbegbaje also won himself a place in the next round with his piano-playing.

Although David was underwhelmed, describing the 19-year-old’s act simply as “nice”, Michael was very impressed indeed.

“I loved it!” he enthused. “I loved your story, I loved the way you started quite late and how you found a way to express yourself through music. You were sensational.”

A number of canine performers also took to the stage on Saturday evening, including skateboarding dog Bodhi, and Button, who howled along to the Coronation Street theme.

However the standout act – although possibly for the wrong reasons – was Mexican Mayhem, featuring dog owner Melissa and her two performing pooches Twizzle and Tucker.

While Tucker appeared to know what he was doing on the obstacle course the dogs were meant to complete, Twizzle seemed to have no idea whatsoever and wandered around randomly – yet this appealed to the panel, who voted them in to the next round.

“If both dogs did what they were supposed to do,” Michael said, “it wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining as the fact that right off the bat one dog decided ‘I’m not going to do this’.

“You do not want to train the other dog,” he added. “There was the straight dog and the comedy dog and I found it hilarious.”

Next week’s show is on Sunday and will feature the final round-up of auditions before the 40 finalists are revealed ahead of a week of live shows.

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