Britain’s Got Talent took a turn for the unexpected on Saturday night as both Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon stormed off the set.

The female panellists stalked off the set midway through the show’s second round of auditions after failing to agree with Simon Cowell and David Walliams on a string of acts.

However it was their failure to agree over dance troupe Pop’arazzi Crew which finally prompted the walkout.

David Walliams admitted: “It was a bit weird wasn’t it…it didn’t hugely excite me,” but Amanda Holden called the performance “totally fascinating”.

The disagreement ultimately led to both her and Alesha temporarily making their exit after Simon Cowell accused them of becoming “bolshy”.

As a result the pair were left to judge the following act, singer Neil Hook, alone, before heading for the dressing room to make peace with the girls.

And afterwards they found plenty to agree on, including Northern Irish singer Jordan O’Keeffe who charmed both panel and audience with his guitar-based rendition of One Direction’s Little Things.

“You played that perfectly,” Alesha Dixon said, while David Walliams added: “You’ve got a fantastic voice…you are astonishingly good.”

Female trio CEO Dancers also wowed the crowd with their booty-shaking routine – as did teenage dance duo AJ and Chloe.

“The music was fantastic and you were amazing,” Amanda said of the former, and Alesha agreed. “You’re powerful, you’re sexy…you are a breath of fresh air.”

Meanwhile Simon called AJ and Chloe “one of the best acts we’ve seen today” while David added: “I love to see young people who’ve devoted so much of your life getting so good at something, it’s fantastic to see.”

Elsewhere impressionist Francine Lewis won herself a standing ovation with an act which saw her poke fun at a string of celebrities including Amy Childs, Katie Price, Holly Willoughby and Cheryl Cole.

“Amazing, funny and beautiful – I thought it was just me,” David said. “But you are too.”

“Those impressions were fantastic,” Simon added.”They were current, funny, the dialogue was good, and you put everything together – I do think we’re looking at a future star.”

Also making a good impression earlier in the show were singing siblings Richard and Adam – who had the crowd on their feet with their version of the musical classic The Impossible Dream 

“Your voices were absolutely incredible, it’s beautiful to listen to,” Amanda Holden told them, while David called the performance “genius”.

However one of the biggest reactions of the night was given to rapper MC Boy, who rounded off the show with his self-penned track Need You Tonight.

Although the 22-year-old failed to impress Simon Cowell, his performance had the other judges dancing – with even Ant and Dec taking to the stage.

“I buzzed you because the song was terrible,” he said, but added: “You made the entire place go insane.”

However the other judges votes ensured he won a place in the next round, with David telling him: 
“It’s got hit written all over it.”

And afterwards he made his feelings known to Simon saying, “That’s a number one record…you’re out of touch.”