Britain’s Got Talent: Amanda talks about her boys

Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden tells us what it’s like working with the two most opinionated boys on the box…

How have you found working with Piers and Simon this year?

“If we were all married it would be the perfect marriage – Simon is great as the prankster and being the clever one while Piers is a breath of fresh air and never stops talking.”

Who is worse, Simon or Piers?

“Simon – he’s very honest and that’s either a good thing or bad thing. As parents, Piers and I believe you should treat children differently but rightly or wrongly Simon thinks everyone should be treated the same.”

What was the most memorable/bizarre audition you saw?

“It was a Mongolian law student who we saw in Cardiff, she was sooo bendy it made you squeeze your thighs together or hide behind a cushion – with my cushion being the lovely Piers.”

What was the worst audition you witnessed?

“Ha ha, so many this year, I’m thrilled to say Britain is still deluded and I love it!… It had to be the escapologist in Blackpool that couldn’t get out of his sack. We kept it going on for longer and longer as we weren’t sure if it was part of the act – in the end Ant & Dec had to come on and rescue him!”

Are the British really an eccentric nation?

“Oh totally and utterly!! This show is shown all over the world but Great Britain is the only country that is totally warm and mad – we have everyone on stage from grannies to their grandchildren. I love it! This year has been great for truly eccentric acts – bring them on I say!”

What do you bring to the judging panel?

“Because of the standard we’ve set with Paul Potts I feel we have a duty to the audience and the public to match that this year and, thus, I didn’t ‘entertain’ many eccentric acts this year as we are looking for pure talent. I still bring a softness to the panel though… that and lip gloss and nine-inch heels!!

Have you been brought to tears as much this year by the acts

as you were last year?

“Not as much this year but I think I’ve had more tears overall as some of the acts have made me cry with laughter and snot buckets. I’ve had buckets of snot and tears everywhere this year!”

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