Britain’s Got Talent: Ant and Dec have a giggle

Presenters Ant and Dec share some backstage secrets about the new series of Britain’s Got Talent.

What is your role on the show?

Ant: “Our role is to be on the side of the contestants and be a buffer between them and the Judges. We’re there both pre- and post-performance to give a sympathetic ear and ask them how they’re feeling. However, we do reserve our right to have a little laugh!”

What was the worst audition you witnessed?

Ant: “It would be unfair to single one out, but any audition featuring someone middle aged with a keyboard rarely went down well with the Judges. Simon Cowell really hated people with keyboards this year for some reason.”

What sort of act would you like to see win this year?

Ant: “We’d like a really varied final like last year. In 2007’s final we had an opera singer, the Bar Wizzards and a child star. That’s what this show is all about, variety. It’s the only show where anyone can audition.

How was it working with Simon, Piers and Amanda?

Dec: “It was great to see them all again. All three seemed very excited to be back behind their judging desks, although we rarely get to see them at auditions as we’re backstage all the time. We keep out of their way!

Any backstage memorable moments?

Dec: “There were lots of animals attempting to escape! We had ferrets trying to make a run for it and a sheep in a cape and tiara trying to make a dash for the door.”

Do you generally agree with the Judges decisions. Are they fair?

Dec: “Some of the time, but sometimes they don’t give the acts enough of a chance. Often personal tastes come into play rather than what the audience at home would actually like to watch.”

Do you find it hard to keep a straight face during the auditions/chat backstage?

Dec: “I do, much more than Ant. A lot of the time I just have to walk away. I’m a terrible giggler!”

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