An 11-year-old Beyonce fan and a singing bricklayer were among the acts standing out as Britain’s Got Talent entered its third week of auditions.

Among those winning a place in the next round as the auditions reached the London Palladium was 11-year-old Asanda Jezile, who left the judges stunned with her confident version of Rihanna’s Diamonds.

The pre-teen not only sounded note perfect but also delivered a string of dance moves that also wowed the panel.

“Your voice is incredible,” Alesha told her, while simon Cowell added: “We’ve had a lot of people your age performing over the years…I’ve never seen one with such stage presence. You are seriously good.”

Also making a big impact were the four-piece band Luminites, whose harmonious rendition of Hurts So Good had the judges singing along – and the audience on their feet.

“What is there not to like about you, you’re fantastic musicians,” David Walliams said, “You’re like ready made stars.” Simon, meanwhile, told them: “The song choice was genius…it was by far the best audition we’ve heard today.”

Also impressing the judges was Welsh bricklayer Robbie Kennedy, whose nerves almost got the better of him before he delivered a heartfelt acoustic rendition of the Goo Goo Dolls hit Iris which won over both panel and audience.

“Robbie you are so likeable,” Alesha said, “You knocked me out, you have been blessed with a true gift.”

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Simon Cowell added, saying, “I think if you put that record out you would have a number one hit with that song.”

Meanwhile there was a close shave for Ant when self-confessed ‘mentalist’ Aaron Crow invited him to join his act onstage.

The TV presenter appeared genuinely terrified as the 44-year-old sliced a pineapple which he had placed on his head – while blindfolded.

“I love watching an act where there is the possibility that someone could die,” joked Simon while David added: “I’ve never seen anything like it in my life,”

However the judges didn’t see eye to eye on everything, with David voting through a number of acts the other judges rejected outright – including the bizarre singing duo Mother and Son and sign language performer Heather Avul.

Musical duo Dualling Pianos also divided the judges with their keyboard-friendly renditions of the Great Escape theme and other rousing anthems – but despite initially being buzzed off by all the judges except David, they ultimately won the girls over.

“I wasn’t supposed to like you and I didn’t want to at the beginning but by the end I kind of love you,” Alesha told the pair, while Amanda admitted she had been a little hasty in rejecting them.

“I’d like to say I’ve been a little bit premature, I’d like to withdraw my buzzer,” she admitted. “It was funny, it was very entertaining.”

The auditions will continue next Saturday night.