Britain’s Got Talent full results revealed

The voting percentages for the Britain’s Got Talent final and semi-finals have been revealed, showing that Ashleigh and Pudsey scored a convincing victory over operatic duo Jonathan and Charlotte.

The 17-year-old and her talented pooch won 39.0 per cent of the vote, with the runners-up scoring 25.8 per cent.

Third placed act Only Boys Aloud scored 15.8 per cent while the Loveable Rogues finished fourth with 5.8 per cent and Ryan O’Shaughnessy completed the top five with 4.8 per cent of the vote.

11-year-old singer Molly Rainford came sixth, boy band The Mend – who were voted in as the wild card act by the judges – finished seventh, Sam Kelly came eigth, dance troupe Nu Sxool finished ninth, while swimming quartet Aquabatique and dance duo Kai and Natalia brought up the rear.

The semi-finals, meanwhile, show that Ashleigh and Pudsey scored 50.0 per cent over second placed act Only Boys Aloud with 30.4 per cent, while Jonathan and Charlotte scored an impressive 75.3 per cent of the votes in Monday’s semi-final ahead of second placed act Kai and Natalia with just 6.2 per cent.

The results also show that in all but one instance the act who had finished second in the voting went through to the final.

Only Boys Aloud and Molly Rainford both won through after the judges’ vote reached deadlock, while Kai and Natalia and Aquabatique were both voted through by the judges, but would have made it anyway had the vote reverted back to the public.

The only exception was Thursday night’s semi-final, in which nine-year-old Malakai Paul actually finished second in the public vote but lost out to Nu Sxool as a result of the judges’ decision.