A Britain’s Got Talent contestant’s complaint that she was unfairly treated on the show has been rejected by Ofcom.

The ITV1 show broadcast footage last May from hopeful Emma Czikai’s solo performance of You Raise Me Up.

After performing the song three times she failed to go through, and has since expressed concern about the stage equipment.

In the show, after she had sung the first line, judge Piers Morgan activated his buzzer and Ms Czikai stopped. She launched into the song again – but Simon Cowell then buzzed.

Miss Czikai said: “Start it (the music) again”.

Amanda Holden activated her buzzer when Ms Czikai reached the chorus.

Simon told Ms Czikai: “I think I speak on behalf of everyone, you have a horrible singing voice Emma.”

Miss Czikai expressed concerns about the sound equipment, including the microphone and the volume of the backing track, which she said producers had agreed to keep at a lower-than-usual volume because of a medical condition she suffers.

But Ofcom did not uphold Ms Czikai’s complaint and found the programme portrayed events fairly and did not make any omissions that resulted in unfairness.

However, Miss Czikai is pursuing the matter and believes Ofcom was restrained by restrictions on what they can adjudicate.

She’s been granted an Industrial Tribunal hearing under the Disability Discrimination Act, during which the makers of Britain’s Got Talent can opt for reconciliation or a full hearing into her allegations.