Britain’s Got Talent: Piers shares his skills

Piers Morgan tells us why he’s happy to be back for another series of Britain’s Got Talent.

What sort of act would you like to see win this year?

“It would be great to see something unusual win – a juggler, magician or animal act. And we have a lot of those variety types in the semi-finals this year. But in the end, the public will decide.”

How does the standard of talent compare to last year?

“I think the overall standard has been much higher, but whereas Paul seemed the obvious favourite for most of the first series, I think the field is wide open this time. I can think of at least four or five acts who stand a very good chance of winning and at least one of those is not human!”

How have you found working with Amanda and Simon this year?

“Amanda was a delightfully mischievous little minx as usual, and Simon was as obnoxious as usual. No real change there! Seriously, though, I think there is a really good chemistry between the three of us and I think Simon quite enjoys the relentless competitive spirit between the two of us, though he would never admit it obviously.”

Which audition city was the best/worst?

“The worst was Blackpool, by quite a way. We were expecting big things from the home of British variety, but it wasn’t so much end-of-the-pier stuff as ‘chuck them off the end of the pier’ stuff. It was so bad though that it was brilliant!”

What would your talent be?

“At one stage, for Stephen Mulhern’s ITV2 spin-off show Britain’s Got More Talent, I played Let It Be on the piano, did impressions of Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, body-popped, rapped, did some magic and ended with a bit of shovel-twirling – I think everyone was very impressed.”

How does being a judge in the UK compare to being a judge on America’s Got Talent?

“It is not massively different to be honest. You get good acts, bad acts, and some people so deluded you want to commit them to an asylum as a matter of urgency. The audiences in America boo me slightly more than the ones in Britain! But that’s because I’m a bit meaner over there. They are Americans, after all.”

Have you got used to being a celebrity now!?

“Oh definitely. And unlike all the other whining celebrities in the world who spend their whole time complaining about how awful their lives

are, I love every second thanks very much.”

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