Britain’s Got Talent: semi-finalists revealed!

The 40 acts who have made it through to the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent 2010 have been revealed, following the final auditions show of the series.

The lucky 40 will take part in a series of live heats which run from Monday May 31 to Friday June 4.

Two from each semi-final will then go on to compete in the live final on Saturday June 5.

The 40 acts are as follows:

Alesia Vazmitsel, pole dancer from East London

A3, sibling dance troupe from Swansea

The Arrangement, group who sing classical versions of pop songs, from Cambridge

The Chippendoubles, comedy dance act from London

Chloe Hickinbottom, 10-year-old singer from Wolverhampton

Christopher Stone, the ‘singing accountant’ from Harrogate

Connected, teenage boy band from Newcastle

Dance Flavourz, colourful dance troupe from London

Emile Harris, teenage singer and guitarist

Father And Son, singing duo from Bolton

Fusion, quirky dance troupe from Glasgow

Ice, dance troupe from London

Janey Cutler, 80-year-old singer from Lanarkshire

Jimmy Ford, ‘leprechaun’ dancer from Ireland

Josh Barry, 16-year-old singer from London

Kevin Cruse, comedy singer from London

Kev Orkian, singer/pianist, from North London

Kieran Gaffney, teenage drummer

Liam McNally, 14-year-old singer from Manchester

Mark James, Renee and Renato impersonator

Maxxie Oliver, Lady Gaga impersonator

Michael Fayombo Snr and Jnr, Michael Jackson tribute act, from Hounslow

Myztikal, singing dance troupe from London

Neil Fullard, the ‘singing doorman’ from the West Midlands

Olivia Archbold, 14-year-old singer from Manchester

Paul Burling, impressionist from Bristol

Phillip Grimmer, Madonna impersonator from Manchester

Peridot, dance troupe from London

The Ruby Girls, all-female dance troupe from London

Sean Sheehan, wood chopping singer from Manchester

Spellbound, gymnastic troupe from London

Starburst, dance troupe of schoolchildren aged 9-13

Stevie Starr, aka ‘The Regurgitator’, illusionist

Taboo, school dance troupe from Kent

Team Shaolin, martial arts group from London

Threebee, Bollywood dance troupe from London

Tina Humphrey and Chandi, dancing dog and owner, from Shrewsbury

Tobias Mead, body popping dancer from Wiltshire

Twist And Pulse, teenage dance duo from South London

Tyler Patterson, 10-year-old dancer