Britain’s Got Talent: Simon talks auditions…

Britain’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell tells us why this year’s performances are ‘wonderfully terrible’.

How does Britain’s Got Talent differ from other shows you work on?

“Got Talent is totally unique in that you never know what kind of act is going to step on that stage next. It’s the only show with no rules about the type of performance or performer we are looking for.”

What was the worst audition you witnessed?

“There have been so many terrible – and wonderfully terrible performances. I never ever want to see the Elvis impersonator on stage again – when people see the show this year they will understand!”

How has the standard of talent compared to last year?

“This year we have seen some really terrible performances – worse than last year but there have been just a few who show unexpected potential.”

How have you found working with Piers and Amanda this year?

“We’ve had a fantastic time – mostly… Piers’ ego becomes ever more inflated and this year he’s taken it upon himself to crusade some completely bizarre acts. Amanda knows what its like to be on that stage so can be a bit of a soft touch especially with the kids.”

What’s it like working with Ant & Dec again?

“Those two are probably the most talented guys on TV right now – they are perfect for this show.”

Do the audience have an influence over your decisions?

“They are absolutely the fourth judge and they are vicious at times and have been known to change even my mind.”

What’s the unique quality of this show/why do you think it was such a huge success last year?

“This show has an incredible warmth to it and it opens the door for anyone or anything. Last year it took on a life of its own. People round the world followed Paul Potts’ journey on the show last year.”

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